Why would you want to advertise on YouTube?

Posted at Sep, 29 2022

The average amount of time spent per day by YouTube users on the platform is 19 minutes. That's equivalent to about 120 hours every year and considering that it is the world's second-largest search engine, you can bet that advertising on YouTube will bring you a substantial amount of traffic (to be exact, 32.4 percent of the total population and 51.8 percent of internet users).

Why would you want to advertise on YouTube? At this year's Google Marketing Live event, Google placed a significant emphasis on visual content, even going so far as to announce a new feature that will allow advertisers to place their videos within YouTube Shorts. Let's take a look at some additional advantages of running advertisements on YouTube.

Exposure: After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Seventy percent of people who have seen an advertisement on YouTube have gone on to purchase the product The personality of Your Company YouTube videos give you the ability to create one-of-a-kind brand experiences and communicate the character of your company.

Data: YouTube analytics provides a wealth of data, including the points in the video at which viewers decide to stop watching it. Take, for instance, a look at these YouTube Studio reports, which are not included in the analytics provided by Google Ads.

Remarketing: If a user has seen one of your videos on YouTube or the Google Display Network in the past, they may be retargeted by a campaign that you run through the remarketing feature. How much does it cost to run ads on YouTube? In the same way that the costs of Google Ads vary depending on your company and its objectives, the following are some general benchmarks for the costs of advertising on YouTube compiled by LOCALiQ. The majority of companies have a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) that ranges from $4 to $10. The typical daily budget for a YouTube advertising campaign among businesses ranges from ten dollars to fifty dollars. When your YouTube advertisement reaches 100,000 views, the average cost to do so is approximately $2,000. Ad formats available on YouTube When you hear the term "YouTube ad," you're probably picturing an in-stream commercial that lasts for thirty seconds and can be skipped. However, you most likely were unaware that it is called that! There is a wide variety of ad formats that can be utilized on YouTube to accomplish a variety of objectives, and of course, these formats are always evolving. At the moment, there are six different formats for advertisements on YouTube: In-stream advertisements that can be skipped play before, during, or after other videos and can be skipped after a five-second delay. In-stream advertisements that cannot be skipped play before, during, or after other videos but cannot be skipped and are no longer than 15 seconds each. Advertisements that play before, during, or after other videos and that cannot be skipped typically last any more than six seconds.

Outstream ads: Mobile-only advertisements that appear on sites that are partners with Google Video but not YouTube itself. Masthead advertisements appear on the home feed of YouTube. Overlay advertisements are not video advertisements; rather, they are text and image display advertisements that appear on YouTube videos when viewed on a desktop computer. In-feed advertisements were formerly known as Video discovery advertisements; however, this type of advertisement is not at all related to video and should not be confused with discovery campaigns. You can get YouTube to recommend your video by following these steps, and it will appear in the "watch next" section of YouTube's search results. On a mobile device, an in-feed advertisement appears as follows: When selecting the format for your advertisement to appear on YouTube, here are some of the most important factors to take into account.

Length: Your video ad can be any length, but in general, a "view" is counted at the 30-second mark or the end of the video, whichever comes first. Your video ad can be viewed as many times as you want. The duration of bumper ads is six seconds, the duration of non-skippable in-stream ads is 15 seconds, and the duration of skippable in-stream ads is 30 seconds. Will the user have the option to skip your advertisement after the first six seconds, or will they be required to watch it in its entirety There is no option to skip the bumper ads or the out-stream ads. A video advertisement that appears within the YouTube video player is referred to as an "in-stream ad" on the Network. It is referred to as an outstream ad when it is played on other websites (for instance, inside of a display advertisement slot on a partner website).

Sound: More than ninety-five percent of people watching videos on YouTube have the audio turned on. When compared to Facebook, where the percentage is 15 percent, this is a striking contrast. The vast majority of YouTube advertisements will be played with the sound on. Outstream advertisements and mastheads, on the other hand, begin with the sound muted by default.