Beat the Odds

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The day I started working with the Proz was the day BEAT THE ODDS sports podcast picked up some serious engagement! My channel instantaneously started receiving subscribers, views, likes, and comments. I wasn’t stuck not knowing what to do with poor engagement. As my YouTube channel grows so does our relationship with GenerationProz.

Bassim Khalaf
Bassim Khalaf

Podcast Host Owner

Customer story

Beat The Odds is a well renowned sports podcast that brings its viewers the latest sports news, highlights, and betting odds. The sports covered include football, basketball, combat sports, ice hockey, baseball, and soccer. The podcast produces original and quality video content for its viewers on a weekly basis.

Beat The Odds needed help with their video editing and organic channel reach. What Bassim and his team realized is that they were producing a lot of content but weren’t bringing in the audience numbers they were hoping to. They approached GenerationProz in hopes of growing their channel’s engagement to be a thought leader in the sports podcast industry. We professionally edited their videos, implemented YouTube SEO best practices, and social shares to increase their reach.

BEAT THE ODDS wanted to find a dependable YouTube channel management partner to organically promote all their YouTube videos. They understood that every successful YouTube Channel has a team of experts working with them on the back end.


  • Beat The Odds wanted to make sure that they can reach a large pool of people, so they grasped there is a huge market for them on YouTube. However, they tried different methods but weren't as effective as working with a team as it is not a one-man job.


  • 9,100 views increase
  • 5 video professionally edited
  • 7 video A/B tests

Campaign Results

  • 31% Audience Retention
  • 27% Subscriber Increase
  • 29% Click Through Rate (CTR)