INDUSTRY : E-commerce

Big thanks GenerationProz! We are very impressed with the spike in conversions leading to an increase in overall sales. The ROI generated from the Proz will help us scale tremendously. Not only do they do the work with YouTube and Google but they continuously provide me strategic advisory during our weekly meetings. The only direction we are moving is forward and GenerationProz will be the focal point in that strategy.

Bassim Khalaf
Gustavo Dasilva


Customer story

MochaTreatsShop is a one-stop-shop for dog lovers to shop around for their favorite dog lover gifts. It gives the opportunity for visitors to shop around for custom dog lover designs. These designs include mugs, phone accessories, and apparel.

When MochaTreatsShop approached GenerationProz, they needed help generating new business and growing their overall profit. We partnered with them to develop a strategy that helps potential customers see the true creativity of their designs while simultaneously introducing the brand to a huge pool of potential buyers.

The sales started flowing in after the first few days and the results continued to improve overtime. In the first month, the initial campaign brought in 235 sales. For the MochaTreatsShop, the good news is that getting in front of potential buyers is the hard part – once they see what they are all about, the designs sell themselves!


MochaTreatsShop wanted to make sure that all their new products were being promoted using reliable, modern, and data-backed methods. They knew there was a big market for them to take a hold of when it came to YouTube and Google. They tried Facebook advertising but did not get the results they wanted.


  • 10,150 web visits
  • 2 YouTube Ads campaigns created
  • 2 Google Ads campaigns created
  • 7 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 22% YouTube Conversion Rate
  • 19% Google Conversion Rate
  • 47% Increase in overall online sales