Open Circles, Inc.

INDUSTRY : Human Resources Management

"I’ve been wanting to get my YouTube channel up and running since Open Circles was founded! I was always the type of person to watch videos myself so I knew that it would be effective in helping spread the message of Open Circles. GenerationProz has allowed me to take control of my video production and YouTube channel without me having to do hardly any work other than give my input of course. All I do is give them a script that I want to write out and they handle the rest."

Bassim Khalaf
Sylvia Doss


Customer story

Sylvia is a strategic advisor and analytics expert with over 15 years of experience designing and implementing innovative employee solutions. In working with corporations, she has delivered successful programs that focus on engaging employees so that businesses can innovate, be productive, and realize cost improvements. She has evaluated insights defining the effectiveness of employee programs and their correlation with big employee data. Her experience includes working with large global corporations within industries including technology, finance, construction, and energy.

When the Proz had the pleasure of first speaking with Sylvia, a fellow Silicon Valley Executive; she had a full podcast and a few videos but none on YouTube. She dabbled a little bit on YouTube in the past but was hesitant to do so again as the first time didn’t go well traction- wise. That was until she had the full confidence in the Proz to not only help her channel grow her channel but also help create engaging video content for her channel!

The “Open Circles with Sylvia” YouTube Channel is a brand new channel the Proz helped Sylvia starts from scratch. One of Sylvia’s concerns was whether or not we were going to be able to help build a following around her channel. In a mere 3 months, Proz was able to help Sylvia earns 450 subscribers and 6 new videos. Now Sylvia was in the driver’s seat of her YouTube channel growth with the help of GenerationProz.


  • Open Circles was on the lookout for a dedicated and experienced partner to work alongside her in video production and YouTube overall. As video as a whole became more increasingly important so did the need to ensure industry thought leadership. The question was… what is the most effective strategy to ensure traction for all videos. The Proz solved her problem real shortly.


  • 8,000 Channel Visits
  • 2,000 Hours Watched
  • 600 Subscribers
  • 2 A/B Tests Preformed

Campaign Results

  • 16% YouTube Conversion Rate
  • 23% Video Click through Rate (CTR)