Eco Delight Coffee

INDUSTRY : Coffee Distributor

Great experience partnering with GenerationProz. Before Proz helped us we were lost when it came to video strategy as a whole. With GenerationProz, we are able to pretty much be hands-off on our video production. Having them also be our helping hand when it comes to YouTube channel growth is just as important. They make it easy to perform well on YouTube without us “performing” hahaha!

Bassim Khalaf
Guillermo Moran

Eco Delight Coffee Owner

Customer story

Eco-Delight Coffee has worked with several companies and businesses as wholesale office coffee suppliers, including the Apple Campus and Apple Park. Their clients pamper their employees with a wide selection of origin and blend coffee. They offer a unique collection of flavors, textures, and aromas, personally tailored to meet a variety of preferences When Eco-Delight Coffee approached GenerationProz, they already had someone working on a creative graphic for Facebook. However, they knew they also needed to have a strategy behind producing consistent video content without the need to do much hands-on work.

GenerationProz gave them the flexibility to simply say an idea and for that idea to come to life for their business. Eco-Delight’s YouTube Channel started from scratch and reached 800 subscribers in 2 months with all the great video content the Proz was producing for them. His videos were driving engagement and they were able to show in suggested and related searches on YouTube.


Eco-Delight Coffee needed to find a way to produce consistent video without the need to spend more than 20 minutes a month worrying about production. Being that the company had so many other aspects to work on they knew they needed someone to help with video as it is a task that is imperative to the success of any company


  • 10,150 Channel Visits
  • 1,000 hours watched
  • 800 Subscribers gained
  • 7 video A/B tests

Campaign Results

  • 22% YouTube Conversion Rate
  • 19% Google Conversion Rate