INDUSTRY : E-commerce

I was blown away by the professionalism of the Proz and how I didn’t have to do anything to start driving sales on YouTube and Google. The ROI of the campaigns are steady and I'm able to scale effectively. GenerationProz is always there for me as a resource and will be a a long-time partner of mine.

Bassim Khalaf
Joshua Chernomorets


Customer story

SmileMat is an acupuncture and acupressure therapeutic matt made to help people of all body shapes, sizes, and activity levels get the relief they need from their back pain. This diamond in the rough was developed after years of trial and error for pain relief.

The company approached GenerationProz after watching some of our work on YouTube. They understood they needed to create a video strategy to visually promote their product. We partnered with them to develop a video YouTube strategy that helped viewers envision how the product would help with their back pain best.

After our first month of partnership, Smilemat’s online video presence increased tremendously. We created a whiteboard explainer video that brought in 2,250 web visits and 26 online sales.


SmileMat wanted to create and implement a video strategy. They knew there was a big market for them to take a hold of when it came to YouTube. They needed help scripting, producing, and promoting their video content.


  • 2,250 web visits
  • 1 YouTube Ads campaign created
  • 3 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 19% YouTube Conversion Rate
  • 21% increase in overall online sales
  • 20% Opportunity Rate