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GenerationProz has helped us generate hundreds of app downloads in markets that are really difficult to penetrate. I was impressed with the animated and creative ads they produced for me as well as how hands-off it was.

Bassim Khalaf
Wesam Dawah

VP of Marketing

Customer story

Finhous is an app-based saas company which simplifies the home buying journey for home buyers and homeowners. In addition, they help homeowners keep on top of routine maintenance by connecting them to their network of over 1,500 contractors. Because we knew that Finous wanted to focus specifically on Texas and California we created two YouTube Ads campaigns one for Texas one for California. By being able to specify each ad to a certain state, GenerationProz was able to receive high amounts of engagement. By building a strong relationship with Wesam and the team we were able to collaborate on the messaging to make sure that we reached the right audience and that we achieved the best results possible. With the initial campaigns, we were able to reach a pool of 3,000 potential clients with This led to 560 app downloads that played an important role to form the backbone of Finhous’s the new user base for the months to come. And at the same time, we also developed a solid working relationship that will help us to continue to work together.


Finhous was looking to significantly increase their app downloads and be a thought leader in their industry. They spent hundreds of thousands of developing their app and needed help putting their app on the market and ensuring steady app downloads monthly.


  • 3,000 Potential Clients Reached
  • 2 YouTube Ads Created
  • 4 A/B tests performed

Campaign Results

  • 21% Conversions to App Downloads
  • 32% app downloads
  • 29% Opportunity Rate