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The never-ending troublesome and worrying of how to manage my YouTube channel, video content, Ads, and engagement results ended right when I gave it to the Proz. Upon my partnership with Generation Proz, I knew that the professional team had lifted that huge weight off my shoulders. Not only did everything about my YouTube channel became like a piece of cake and the strategies they have implemented boosted the end results, but they also keep me updated about everything that happens throughout th

Bassim Khalaf
John Waters

Founder and CEO

Customer story

John Waters, the founder of Waters Business Consulting Group, helps business owners achieve their dreams by providing hope, a plan, results, and freedom. He targets business owners from all over the globe to help them make their businesses thrive and help manage their teams. However, Waters had trouble reaching his audience, and that's where the Proz interfered! The Youtube Growth team helped John and many others engage with a broad pool of people and have a positive outcome. His channel is driving an increase in engagement month over month with ranking videos!


John Waters needed to reach to business owners from around the world to help them with their business journey. However, he couldn't without professional help. He needed the engagement and the audience to interact with him.


  • 186.2 hours Time Watch
  • 9,111 Impressions
  • 886 subscribers

Campaign Results

  • 20% Click through Rate (CTR)
  • 50% Audience Retention
  • 17% Subscriber Increase