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The capabilities of the Proz are unmatched! We are really impressed by all the amazing work. The Proz were able to optimize all of our YouTube content even those that are in Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, and German. We can focus more on our practice without having to worry about YouTube. HUGE thanks to the GenerationProz team!

Bassim Khalaf
Karen Lopez

Practice Manager

Customer story

At the California Center for Reproductive Medicine (CACRM), we’ve been helping individuals and couples worldwide for nearly 25 years to overcome their fertility challenges and make their dreams of having a child come true. We created a YouTube channel so people with fertility problems can find us, watch our videos, and know that we can change their lives. However, my need was about reaching my target audience, and this is how GenerationProz helped me.


  • CACRM has been on YouTube for the last 7 years. For these 7 years, there has been a lot of content posted to the YouTube channel but there was always something missing to drive optimal engagement, especially for videos in different languages. The Proz were able to perform in-depth keyword research and optimization for all videos including those in foreign languages. The CACRM YouTube Channel has grown significantly since.


  • 10 000 views increase
  • 12 videos professionally edited monthly

Campaign Results

  • 782% Subscriber Increase
  • 40% Click-through Rate (CTR)
  • 31% Audience Retention