YouTube Ads

Think about this! How often are you or someone you know on YouTube?

With the internet and social media presence on the rise, companies have been realizing at an increasing rate that not advertising on YouTube or not advertising the right way on YouTube could be costing them.

The difference between advertising on YouTube compared to other channels like Facebook or Google is that the advertiser does not pay anything until the viewer watches at least 30 sec of the video. This makes YouTube advertising much more cost effective while attracting high rates of high intent audiences.

B2B YouTube Ad Targeting

One of the biggest fears B2B business owners have is that they believe advertising on YouTube is because they think YouTube is not a good B2B advertising tool.

The Proz are here to tell you that this assumption is completely false. We can help target key decision makers in various industries using narrowed down affinity audiences based on income, position, and interests.

B2C YouTube Ad Targeting

It’s no secret that YouTube has been utilized as one of the best B2C advertising channels for decades.

Being able to “attract the masses’ with an eye-grabbing video on YouTube is something B2C companies high-ticket or low-ticket have consistently been taking advantage of.

Custom Audiences

Believe it or not but our Proz can set up custom audiences for your campaigns. This means we can help you target relevant or competitor webpages in your campaign.

Whenever someone visits that target webpage and visits YouTube within 30 days, will automatically see your ad for any video they see

Custom Audiences

Do you think there are related videos on YouTube that you want your ad to show up for?

We can help target 100s of videos you want to see your ad show up for prior, during, or even after the target videos. Make sure your video is in the mix receiving similar traffic and inquiries as other player’s in your industry


According to Kenshoo “Retargeting goals are increasing brand revenue and acquiring new customers (at 33% each), increasing website engagement (16%), and brand awareness lift (12%).”

Our Proz help re-target your YouTube ad for up 540 days and ensure that your ideal prospect is consistently hearing about your offering. This will allow us to get the key decision makers that may need more time to pull the trigger.

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Social Media Outreach

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Also includes:

  • Sales Acceleration Platform
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  • Positive Response Detection
  • Zapier Integration
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 1-on-1 Strategy
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