YouTube Ads

Many marketers don’t understand that YouTube is the best platform to attract high intent leads. The reason being is that if someone doesn’t watch at least 30 seconds of the video the advertiser doesn’t pay for the cost of the view itself. This helps separate high intent and low intent viewers right from the beginning. With our 4-D YouTube Ad targeting strategy you are able to narrow down your target audience and receive a 19% less CPC (Cost Per Click) than industry average. Our 4-D Targeting strategy includes website targeting, YouTube targeting, keyword targeting, and retargeting. GenerationProz has already managed over 1 million dollars in YouTube ads and we can help you drive leads to your website via YouTube today.

Website Targeting

Did you know that you can target relevant/ competitor websites using YouTube Ads? Let's say we target company A and a prospect visits their website then visits YouTube within 30 days, the prospect will automatically see your ad on YouTube. That means no matter what video they are watching as long as they visit company A’s website within 30 days they will see your ad. This is a form of intent-based targeting.

YouTube Targeting

We are all mesmerized by the best YouTube channels out there, especially those in your industry. The Proz will research and target the best YouTube channels in your industry. With this strategy you will be able to have your ad play before a viewer watches the targeted channel’s YouTube video. Think about it, if a viewer is watching a relevant video you would want your ad to play right before it so that the viewer knows there are other solutions in the industry as well. YouTube targeting is known to yield the highest intent traffic to a website based on the Proz’s experiences though it is more costly to target per view.

Keyword Targeting

98% of full service marketing agencies don’t offer any type of YouTube Marketing Service. For 1.5% of those agencies that offer YouTube services, they only offer YouTube Ads. To run YouTube ads with a company that doesn’t specialize in YouTube is a grave mistake. The reason being is that many of these agencies are not equipped with the right resources to perform proper YouTube ad keyword research. Due to this, many agencies use Google keyword research tools for their YouTube ad campaign which is the absolute most self-destructive strategy. The Proz take your keyword suggestions and conduct thorough YouTube ad keyword research using high quality YouTube research tools to understand what are the best keywords to target for your campaign. We then move on to implementation and A/B testing with various keyword ad groups to ensure your campaign is driving the lowest CPC. You can then track results through the YouTube Acceleration Platform itself.


Just because a prospect visited your website from your ad that doesn’t mean that they will always schedule a call or buy right away. Prospecting is all about consistent follow-up which is why retargeting in an ad campaign is imperative. When someone visits your website from the YouTube ad we will be sure to set up your campaign to where those people that have visited the site are targeted once every 30 days. This will allow your company to stay top of mind to highly qualified prospects.