YouTube Management

If there is one service GenerationProz excels at above the rest, it would indeed be YouTube Management. We implement our 4 keyphrase targeting strategy that is designed to rank your videos in top 5 positions of YouTube for high-volume keyphrases. This strategy is accompanied by YouTube Designs (thumbnails & banner) and our US Based Influencer marketing network.

YouTube SEO

Ranking in top positions of YouTube all starts with keyword research. In the YouTube Acceleration Dashboard, you and your team can give the Proz keyword suggestions that our Proz can research off of. We usually like to find highly relevant long tail keywords with high search volumes to rank for. These keywords are pleased strategically based off of YouTube algorithms. GenerationProz’s proprietary Rank Tracker allows our clients to track what position and for what keyword their video is ranking for in real-time.

YouTube Design

YouTube rankings are great but the goal with YouTube Design is to get a user to click on your video rather than the competition. First impressions mean everything and if you are able to catch the attention of viewers right off the bat, that increases view duration and CTR (Click Through Rate). According to YouTube, the average CTR for a YouTube video is 2%-10% CTR. A video posted by GenerationProz tends to have an average of 17%-23% CTR.

Influencer Marketing

Now that we have the rankings and design, there is one final strategy to be implemented and that is influencer marketing. Each video marketed to a set group of US based influencers to ensure a specific view range to ensure results. YouTube SEO is the most effective marketing method but without influencer marketing, YouTube’s algorithms won’t pick up on YouTUbe SEO right away especially if a channel is starting out. Influencer Marketing ensures consistent channel growth as well as consistent targeted exposure via YouTube SEO