YouTube Channel Management

YouTube is transforming the way companies of all industries, shapes, and sizes attract their target audience. In today’s ever so increasing competitive landscape, having a presence on YouTube has never been so important.

Attract earned media through visualization rather than using the power of the pen which is also powerful within its own right. Having a YouTube channel that is aesthetically appealing and properly optimized is every company’s goal. Luckily, you have the Proz here to help you.

The Proz are YouTube & Google Guru’s within their own rights, with our HQ located in San Bruno, CA right next to the YouTube HQ we are quite connected!

Channel Tag Optimization

Ensuring your channel shows up in organic search for related topics is imperative.

This is why we perform YouTube SEO Keyword research and place the right keywords that will help you channel increase “YouTube authority” within your niche.

Banner Design

AHaving a nice banner glistening at the background of your channel truly brings everything together. A banner is there to provide a visual extension to your visitors about your company values and services.

Video Tag Optimization

Whether you are uploading a new video or have a video content uploaded already it is crucial to make sure you are placing the right channel tags.

Think about this, if there is a specific search term you video is closely related to… Wouldn’t you want your video to show up in organic search?

Thumbnail Design

For every great video there is a great thumbnail that attracts high clickthrough rates.

Our well-renowned thumbnail artists create state of the art and interactive thumbnails.

Title & Description Best Practices

Every video should follow the YouTube SEO best practices.

Make sure that you are maximizing reach to all your social channels and websites when a viewer is looking into your channel.

YouTube favors channels with YouTube SEO best practices over those that don’t.

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Youtube Ads Campaign

$500 /month

Also includes:

  • Sales Acceleration Platform
  • Campaign Design And Setup
  • Positive Response Detection
  • Zapier Integration
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 1-on-1 Strategy
  • Done-For-You Included
  • Volume Discounts